EcoSharp Concentrate

Super Fast Acting Eco-friendly Herbicide.
Total weed control using Acetic and Citric Acid.

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EcoSharp Concentrate for Government and Commercial Properties


Total weed control


Super Fast Acting Herbicide


Uses Acetic and Citric Acid

EcoSharp is a fast acting weed and grass control product for postemergent, foliar active, vegetation management. It is formulated with organic acids that are components of vinegar and lemon juice. It is non-selective to green foliage and quickly biodegradable in soil.

EcoSharp Benefits:

  • Results within hours, not days
  • Kills weeds by contact
  • Safe to pets once dried
  • Kills both annual and perennial weeds
  • Biodegradable into soil nutrients
  • Does not harm mature tree bark
  • Replanting/ re-seeding can be done as soon as weeds are completely controlled
  • Does not change soil PH
  • Does not pollute groundwater
  • Registered with the EPA

EcoSharp fast acting weed and grass control is a post emergent, foliar active, vegetation management product formulated to contain organic acids that are components of vinegar and lemon juice. It is non-selective to green foliage and non-residual in soil.

EcoSharp fast acting weed and grass control is recommended for the control of herbaceous broadleaf and grassy weeds on land areas, such as: sidewalks, driveways and patios; railroad rights-of-way, power stations, and industrial sites; around farm buildings, storage areas, tank farms, greenhouses, plant nurseries and golf courses; and in fencerows and vacant lots. Foliar contact results in rapid burndown of weeds.vinegar-and-lemon-juice

EcoSharp weed and grass control will kill seedling weeds rapidly. Older mature weeds may require second application within 5 days. To be most effective plants must be sprayed for full coverage so that the spray contacts root area. Under spraying will result in poor kill with rapid re-growth.

EcoSharp weed and grass control is non-selective. Only weeds that are growing will be controlled. It has no residual activity. Its active ingredients are rapidly biodegraded by contact with the soil. It will not change pH since the ingredients are used as a food source by soil microorganisms.

2.5 Gallon Jug
55 Gallon Drum
Other sizes available upon request.

Product application rate: dilute 1 quart ECOSHARP concentrate in a range from 1 to 3 quarts of water depending on the density and size of the weeds present.

Important: To achieve best results the entire weed surface must be covered with EcoSharp, the product will only work on contacted areas. Remember coverage is important.

Before using, please read label directions.

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EcoSharp is the NATURAL choice for commercial and government clients across the US.

Before & After

Product: EcoSharp Concentrate

Applicator: St. Andrews Property Management Company, Delray Beach, FLA

Site: St. Andrews Club Golf Course and Condominiums (gated community located 7 miles south of Palm Beach on Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway)

Weeds: assorted broadleaf and grassy weeds
Results were photographed 72 hours after application

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EcoSharp Case Study: Humber Arboretum

"The use of natural concentrate essentially saved our operations. Otherwise our grounds would have reverted to a weed patch."

- Sid Baller, Humber Arboretum Superintendent

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