2017 Would Be 'Cooler' Than 2016 According to Forecasts
The early onset of La Nina may be expected in 2017. (Photo : Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The year 2016 has been recorded as the hottest year in human history, but recent forecasts show that 2017 may be much cooler.

According to a report from the Global Weather Oscillations, we are currently undergoing temperature oscillations in the South Pacific Ocean which affects pretty much the disposition of climate all over the globe.

This particular temperature oscillation involves what is called the “El Nino Phase,” the “La Nina Phase,” and the “Neutral Phase.” Both phases usually happen in month-long or year-long intervals when the temperatures are either warmer than normal (El Nino Phase) or cooler than usual (La Nina Phase). The Neutral Phase, on the other hand, is the lull between the warm and the cold temperatures, and it usually happens when transitioning…