(Pic: Jerry Ferguson/Flickr)

Donald Trump’s threat to scrap a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector in office will trigger legal action, 14 attorney generals said in a letter sent on Thursday.

Top legal advisors for New York, California, Virginia, Vermont and New Mexico are among those warning they will go to court if Trump uses his presidential powers to cancel the plan.

“Following such a course would be ill-conceived and contrary to law,” they write, arguing he has received “misguided advice” on the impacts of the Clean Power Plan (CPP).

“Our states and local governments are on the front lines of climate change, the attorney general’s add, citing a range of impacts from sea level rise to drought and storm surges.

The CPP aims to cut US greenhouse gas emissions from coal and gas plants 30% compared to 2005 levels by 2030, and mandates all states to work out individual strategies to meet its goals.

Our states and local governments are on…