Join us at NOFA/Mass along with the Ecological Landscape Alliance, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate, and the CT NOFA Organic Land Care Program (OLC) for a day-long carbon conference on January 31 at UMass Amherst. The event offers practical tips and applications for how you can be part of the climate solution. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast, farmer, conservation/restoration specialist, or landscape professional, there are important choices and positive changes that you can make.

Whether you work to reduce compaction using biology, actively build soil carbon, increase soil biodiversity and resilience above and below ground, or heal degraded landscapes, you will walk away with practical tips to apply to your own setting.

The conference keynote will be carbon expert, rancher, activist, and author Courtney White who has a new book titled Two Percent Solutions for the Planet. Courtney also wrote Grass, Soil, Hope, which was reviewed in a previous newsletter article by Julie Rawson here.

At a time where there are many deep divides apparent in our country, it is encouraging to read about Courtney’s search for the “radical middle” as he calls it. As a forest ranger put it: “The Berlin Wall fell down up here,” referring to the intensive divide amongst environmentalists, ranchers, scientists, local landowners, and policymakers in New Mexico in 1997. Courtney speaks of how he and several others who were a part of the Quivira Coalition worked to find common ground and a solution that worked for all. See