Undersea Volcano Erupts Off Of Tonga
NUKU’ALOFA, TONGA – MARCH 18: An undersea volcano is seen erupting off the coast of Tonga, sending plumes of steam, ash and smoke up to 100 metres into the air, on March 18, 2009 off the coast of Nuku’Alofa, Tonga. The volcano, which is situated approximately 6 miles off of the main Tongan island of Tongatapu, is one of around 36 undersea volcanos clustered in the area. There is currently no danger to residents of the island as the gases are blown offshore, and residents noted the eruptions began on Monday after a series of sharp earthquakes were felt in the capital. (Photo : Dana Stephenson//Getty Images)

Geologists from Oregon State University and the University of North Carolina revealed new insights on studying the processes of land-based volcanoes, in the annual American Geophysical Union fall meeting in San Francisco.

The research, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provide a window into the workings of these undersea volcanic processes that are more difficult to study on land.

“Axial Seamount is a great natural laboratory for learning about volcanic eruptions,” said William Chadwick, one of the lead authors from NOAA and Oregon State. “It has a simple…