The third Light of Advent, It is the light of beasts:

The Light of faith that we may see In greatest and in least.

I’ve written before about our slow journey to creating family rituals and celebrations. We took a year off of pretty much everything last year as we focused on moving. So it was with renewed enthusiasm that we dove in this year. In some sense, we’re taking all of December “off” from most of our usual homeschool activities so that we can focus on the winter festivals. But, that preparation and celebration is so in keeping with what we do for schooling anyway; it all really flows together.

During yesterday’s dinner we lighted the third candle in our advent spiral, signaling the beginning of the week in which we honor the animal kingdom.

In the past we’ve made bird seed feeders and strung popcorn as treats for our outdoor animal friends during this week and we do plan to do that again this year as well. I wanted to add a bit of handwork, though, and to create something to add to our winter garden.

Over the past year Silas has gathered a ridiculous number of snail shells from our yard (a good head’s up as we plan our first garden, no?). We got them out, along with a few he gathered at nature school and a couple from our collection of treasures from the sea and gave them a good scrubbing. Then we warmed up some modeling beeswax in bowls of hot water and he made some…