One concept which is fast penetrating in urban areas is green roof systems. This is definitely a good way of going green. However one needs to keep in mind certain things while designing a green roof. Mentioned below are some useful things about green roofs.

Advantages of green roofs

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Green roofs are beneficial for the environment. They not only help in improving the quality of air but they also help in reducing a number of pollutants in rainwater. They also prevent the draining of a large amount of rainwater in the sewage system. This is also a cost-effective option as it provides thermal insulation and reduces thecost of heating and cooling.

Different types of green roof plants

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  • Succulents:Succulents like colourful sedums are an ideal choice. The beautiful flowers, different forms and textures of the succulents will make your green roof look beautiful. These succulents help in providing shading across the surface.
  • Perennials:Herbaceous perennials like rhizhomes,stolons,ornamental grasses etc can be used for green roofs. Geotypes like bulbs, corms and tubers can also be used.
  • Annuals:One can also make use of annuals like vegetables;ephemerals from dry and waterless climates etc can be used. But one needs to make sure that these annuals do not become weeds.
  • Other Plants:Turfs,shrubs etc can also be used for green roofs.Many people create sports turf on their roofs. Small…