This time of year it’s always a mad dash to try to find the perfect gift for the teens in my life. All things techie seem to be a sure thing with this age group, but I truly hate to add to their growing pile of electronics.

A few years ago I put together a list of holiday gifts for tweens that turned out to be a big hit. I also created a list of tech-free gifts for tweens for everyone in the same situation.

This year I was struggling yet again. My boys are now straddling the teen/tween world and their interests have changed over the past few years. I decided to do some market research and ask friends with teens what non-techy items topped their teen’s holiday wish list.

Here are a few favorite tech-free gifts for teens.

iKNOW Trivia Game ($16)

iKNOW Trivia Game

Tech-Free Gifts for Teens Groovy Green Livin

is perfect for some family bonding over the holidays. Test your trivia knowledge and use your bluffing skills to excel at this game. Even if you aren’t the best trivia player at the table, you can excel this game by using your bluffing skills to lead other players to the incorrect answer. Ages 15+ 2-6 players.

Kendama ($13)

tech-free gifts for teens groovy green livin

Kendama‘s have been a big hit around here, providing hours of entertainment. First made popular in Japan, the Kendama is a hand-held game.The number of tricks you can do with this wooden toy is endless.

Spikeball ($60)

Spikeball is all the rage. It’s the reverse of volleyball. Hit the ball…