This winter has been pretty good to us Floridians who’d rather wear flip-flops over snow boots Christmas morning. Here’s hoping for some weather that doesn’t freeze our little Sunshine State booties, but keeps our gardens happy.

This January, here are some things to do in your garden:

• The shorter days cause the turfs’ growth to slow down and reduces its need for water. Lawns only need to be watered deeply, with approximately three-fourths of an inch of water once a week, if that. If your irrigation is watering more than once a week, go change your settings now.

• Take a soil sample of your turf now, so when it is time to fertilize this spring, you will know which nutrients to apply.

• To protect tender plants from a freeze, simply cover them with a blanket or quilt. If using a plastic tarp to cover the plants, don’t let the plastic touch the foliage or damage could occur.

• If needed, prune deciduous plants now when they are dormant. Also, remove any dead or diseased wood now. For detailed information on pruning deciduous, or temperate fruit trees, shrubs and vines, visit our FRUITSCAPE website at

Flowers that enjoy cooler temperatures include alyssum, dianthus, pansy, viola, petunia, phlox, stock, flowering kale and snapdragons.

Herbs for January planting include chives, chervil (winter annual), cilantro, fennel, mint, parsley, lavender, rosemary, sage and thyme.

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