4 Reasons Organic Gardening is Good for You (Proven by Science!)

Spring weather makes us all want to spend more time outdoors, and the garden is a great place to start. But aside from being an oasis of solitude, experts agree that organic gardening is also good for your health. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. It’s a great way to get exercise.

The Centers for Disease Control says that gardening is “an excellent way to get physical activity,” and a 2006 study at the University of Scranton shows that prolonged light exercise like gardening can actually burn more calories than a gym session. This is because you’re far more likely to stick around in the garden until all of your tomato plants are staked than you are to watch numbers fly by on the treadmill.

2. It’s educational.

Cheryl Forberg, “The Biggest Loser” nutritionist, notes that gardening “is a great way for families and communities, especially children, to learn where their food comes from and reconnect with nature.”

Forberg, who is also a Seeds of Change® spokesperson, notes that the program is a great way to support school and community gardening, helping both children and adults learn more about growing their own food.

“Making that connection helps children to feel more engaged in the meal preparation process and subsequently more likely to try new vegetables, get excited about cooking and continue healthy cooking and eating habits into adulthood,” she says.

And this is true for adults as well. There’s something so rewarding about making a Caprese salad with your own tomatoes or grilling up zucchini fresh from the garden that…