Food & Wine: 5 Things Tom Colicchio Learned While Gardening

© Donna Ward/Getty Images

Four years ago, Tom Colicchio, the venerable chef, restaurateur and host of Top Chef, started a garden outside his home in Long Island. Now, Colicchio loves spending summer days in the dirt; pulling weeds, planting seedlings and harvesting fruits and vegetables to cook for his family.

While tending to his garden has become a passion, Colicchio doesn’t consider himself an expert. Here are five things Tom Colicchio has learned (so far) while gardening.

A garden is never finished.

While Colicchio is always stretched for time, he spends as much of it gardening as he can—because gardening is never over. “If I have the whole day and I know I have to get a certain amount done, I can spend the morning, afternoon and evening out there tinkering and harvesting,” he explains. “The process is constant, it doesn’t stop and that’s what I like about it. It’s never finished. And the results are great—I get to cook everything that I grow.”

Gardening is healthy.

“Gardening is really…