Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the direct consequences of our actions. Take, for example, the destruction of a forest. It may seem necessary to clear a plot of land for construction or timber, but we must also remember who’s affected by these actions. It’s often not until we witness the aftermath of our destruction that we realize how many lives and beings are destroyed.

In this photo by Jason Ondreicka, we witness the repercussions of our actions.

Baby Raccoon Stands on the Destruction of His Home

A raccoon stands atop his former home, searching for his family. His forest home had just been cleared, and now he’s left abandoned and confused.

We often think of deforestation happening elsewhere in the world, but in reality, it is happening right here in the U.S., putting native species, like raccoons, in danger. While they might not be endangered, they live in an ecosystem that’s being systematically destroyed.

So who’s…