Gardens are gorgeous.

Gardens have long been a critical part of society. Gardening was one of the first domestic tasks that early humans used to break out of the hunter-gatherer routine, to cultivate food and enable them to settle in one place with a stable supply of food. Even though most people do not need to garden for survival anymore, gardens are an activity that millions around the world still do for a variety of reasons.

Many people find gardening calming. Some consider it an investment in their home’s beauty. Some just want fresh tomatoes for making salads and salsas and covering every freaking counter in the house with a bumper crop. Some of us just want something green and natural in our lives, and even if you can’t have a glorious, glorious garden, you can get some of that beauty in your life with a garden-fresh wallpaper.

Homegrown beauty

Many people with high-stress or high-visibility jobs garden as a way to ground themselves, find peace, and as a way of disconnecting and de-stressing. Diedrich Bader is an actor; you may remember him from The Drew Carey Show, Veep, and American Housewife. Bader has quite the garden, and he shares impressive photos of his garden work on Twitter, which make for lovely wallpapers.

Truly an enchanted rose

I’ve shared this wallpaper before, and it remains one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken. I took it at Disney (of course), and I think I blew about three years of luck with it. Look at the coloring, the framing, the focus! This is truly an enchanted rose, and I…