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As the first flowers start to blossom with the warmer weather, many Canadians are beginning to get their gardens ready. If you have a lawn or garden, preventing weeds and other pests is the best approach to maintaining a healthy yard.

Believe it or not, a healthy lawn and garden can be achieved without using any pesticides at all. Through proper preventive weed management, such as improving the general condition of your lawn and garden and doing some occasional hand weeding, you can avoid the need for pesticides.

If you choose to use a pesticide to control weed or pest problems, it is important to always follow the label directions. You can use Health Canada’s online search to check for the most recent product information. You can also check the new pesticide label search mobile app. As always, remember to also follow any provincial or municipal restrictions that may apply to specific products.

What you should do

If preventive measures are…