Flowering ground covers are a great way to create low maintenance interest in your landscape. Foliage, color and texture can, depending on the vigor of the plant, blanket a large area for a relatively low investment.

Ground covering plants come in all shapes and sizes. Some vine, becoming woody with age; others hug the ground with foliage that roots as it spreads. Having some idea of the desired effect and the depth of soil in the area to be planted will help you choose appropriately.

We are all familiar with Vinca and ivy for quick cover under trees. They have little to no soil or root requirements for success (and potential invasion). Though evergreen, these vines need to be cut back yearly and the woody stems removed to keep the area looking fresh and the fuel load low in the event of fire. The same goes for honeysuckle, a wonderful bank cover for sunny areas.

Consider something different for shadier areas with a little more root room. Pachysandra grows to 12-feet tall, and spreads to fill in…