1. Look for Flights Without Layovers: While Flights with extended layovers may seem like a cheaper way to travel, it’s important to remember that takeoffs and landings are the two aspects of plane travel that cause the most carbon emission. Instead, look for the most convenient non-stop flight to reduce your carbon footprint.
2. Rent a Hybrid: Whether you’re in a different country, or just yearning for a good old fashioned road trip, it would be wise to consider renting a hybrid car for your travels, that won’t be polluting the air as you head out on your journey.
3. Do Not Disturb: There’s nothing like a freshly made bed, but next time you’re at a hotel—considering making it yourself rather than the hotel staff. By sticking the “do not disturb” sign on the handle of your door, the staff won’t feel the need to come in and launder your sheets (that have most likely only been used for one or two nights), or vacuum the, most likely, still clean floor. By letting the hotel know that the extra cleaning isn’t necessary, you’re helping the hotel cut down on their use of unneeded energy.
4. Utilize Reusable Utensils: Ahh the beauty of the spork! Before you head off on your next big…