There’s no frost in the long range forecast, so game on! I’m planting tender things like coleus and basil in my pots, and eggplant and tomatoes in the newly established raised beds.

Since mid-March, people told me they’d already planted tomatoes and were keeping fingers crossed. I don’t. A bit of research will tell you that our average last frost is April 15. All it takes is a quick call to your county office should you forget. Maybe if you make the association with that being the deadline for filing income tax, it will be easy to remember. Besides, I think tomatoes struggle in cold soil and don’t take off until the weather truly warms anyway.

Save room in your garden for some of the selections that will be offered at the Madison County Master Gardener Plant Sale on May 6. Our garden curator, Jason Reeves, has been participating in the All American Selections regional trials for some time now, so we have in-your-face evidence concerning performance in the vegetable realm.

Last year’s most impressive tomato was probably the one called “Chef’s Choice Green,” which lived up to its reputation…