It’s the most exciting time of year! It’s like Christmas, except instead of tumbling downstairs to see what “Santa” left me under the tree, I’m dashing out the door every day to see what’s blooming in each garden bed. Believe me, I know where to look, and I usually spot each emerging plant when its tip first pierces the surface. Yes, it’s spring! But you know, as the day wears on and I calm down a little, I realize that the display is rather…spotty.

front walk north April
I can see this bed from my kitchen door. I’m loving the colors, but everything’s dotted here and there.

Partly that is because, at five years old, this garden is young as gardens go. But it’s also because when you plant bulbs in the fall, it’s hard to remember where the other bulbs are. Even if you have a picture to help, it’s not easy to get them in the right spot.

What if I interplanted this glory-of-the-snow…
earliest big daffodils
…among these earliest-blooming daffodils?

Even though they’d still be the same flowers in the same bed, they’d make a bigger impact when combined. I’m going to make a note to move them as they’re going dormant later on this spring.

Blue mound chionodoxa and heart of gold columbine
I’ve already tried to do…