Green hosting is a relatively new direction many web hosts are going in. With environmentally friendly hosting practices, any hosting company can strive for energy efficiency and eco-positive policies. Some hosts take it a step further and become certified green web hosts. While green hosting has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks to this practice. Read these pros and cons of green web hosting to make an informed decision about your next hosting purchase.

Environmental Issues

 Green Hosting

Green hosting is focused on maintaining a healthy environment for the planet. Green hosts typically use renewable energy sources such as wind and solar to power much of their equipment. Green hosting companies purchase energy efficient servers, switches and network hardware to help reduce the need for excessive energy usage. Many of these hosting companies take special initiatives toward preserving the environment by planting trees, donating money to plant and wildlife preservation and other green organizations. Through these practices green hosting companies are often able to negate any impact their business has on the environment, or even be a positive force for nature.

With the use of sustainable, renewable energy plants, green hosts often choose to become carbon neutral. To do this they buy carbon credits that are used to plant trees and preserve rainforests and other vegetation. With green practices in place, many hosts are able to become carbon neutral through a minimal amount of carbon credits and donations. There are also tax benefits and subsidies often in place for hosts using these credits, which can further the savings passed on to subscribers.

Pros of Green Hosting

Since green web hosting companies aim to reduce waste, they are often efficient enough to save significant money on energy consumption. These savings usually get passed along to customers, which can save you a great deal of money. Green hosting can cost the same or even less than traditional hosting.

Look for green hosts with tiered pricing structures to make sure you’re getting the best…