Containers can be hung from roof, suspended on hooks, or mounted on walls, opening up a whole world of growing spaces. Containers have the added benefit of being beautiful, acting as showpieces in the garden, or decorative accents. These tips to successful container gardening will get you well on your way to becoming a small-space gardening pro.

How to grow a beautiful container garden

A pot, however, is generally not the ideal space to grow a plant. Pots that are too small, have improper drainage, or are not weather safe will quickly cause the demise of the plants within. The secret to creating the perfect container garden is to create a healthy environment for plants contained in a pot. To do this we need to look at the soil, drainage, water needs, fertilizer, and the pot itself.

Container Gardening Basics


Plants are used to having endless boundaries for their roots in the soil. Unless the soil has structural issues, it will allow for water to flow freely but retain enough moisture that the roots can absorb if they desire. Container soil is limited to a relatively small space and as such it needs a few extra items to allow for the proper balance of air pockets, water flow, and water retention.

Container gardens need a soil mix specially formulated for holding the water while allowing for good drainage, and keeping the roots healthy. Soil mixes formulated for containers can be purchased at a garden center, which works well if you are only creating a few pots. If you are planning for a large container garden with multiple pots, make your own mix with 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 quality compost, and 1/3 peat moss (or the more ecological alternative, coconut coir).

Container garden planting and care instructions


Containers used both outdoors and inside should have appropriate drainage to ensure…