Recycling Books Kids

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The idea of recycling or repurposing things comes naturally to young children, as most are very crafty and resourceful. Capitalize on that interest by reading them books with a recycling theme — these five present this all-important topic in a fun, colorful manner.

Many children get really excited about completing DIY projects and reusing common household items. Empty tin cans, worn-out blankets and a lonely flip-flop can all be reinvented into new items. Parents appreciate that this book has lots of simple projects with very common items, making it relatively easy to get an activity started with on-hand materials. Even better, the finished products are things that kids are likely to want to use, such as a pillow or an apron.


This book follows Lola as she learns about recycling her old toys from Charlie and enters a recycling contest. Because she only has two weeks, Lola recruits her classmates at school to help win the prize, a tree. The book also contains a tree poster so kids can track their recycling progress at home. The mixed-media artwork make this Charlie and Lola adventure super cute and engaging.


This rhyming book contains delightful collage illustrations and explains…