Your bedroom serves as your oasis, a retreat from the world. It should be the place you go to relax and recharge, but consider this: how can you recharge if your bedroom isn’t designed with health in mind? Making your bedroom greener does more than help the environment. It can improve your sleeping habits naturally, reduce toxin inhalation, and transform your space into the healthy, relaxing mecca it should be. If you’re looking to redesign your bedroom with eco-friendly features in mind, consider incorporating the following and transform your resting space into a sleeper’s paradise.

  1. Lighting Concerns

If you have harsh overhead lighting in your bedroom, you could be messing up your circadian rhythm. It’s rare that you need bright light in a bedroom. In order to maintain your bedroom’s function as a relaxing space, consider installing a dimmer lighting system. Dimming the lights an hour before it’s time to fall asleep can help your body relax, helping it slow down and providing a better transition from waking to restful hours. This can help encourage better sleeping habits and cut down on your energy use in one easy step. You can also check out the GoodNight Biological LED Lamp. This awesome bulb was created for NASA astronauts to help regulate your body’s natural circadian rhythm, making sure your body is ready to sleep when you are.

  1. The Benefits of a Cool Room

It’s important to sleep in a cooler bedroom; studies show that a room kept between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit is optimal for deep rest. Anything above or below this can prove to be disruptive to your sleeping patterns. In the summer months, keeping your bedroom chilly can be a tough task, and some homeowners crank the thermostat down in order to fight the rising temperatures. Don’t spend a fortune on cooling…