Mothers Day quote
You can honor your Mom while still honoring Mother Earth.

For many, Mother’s Day is a complicated holiday, and let’s be real, it is another one of those marketing holidays that screams, “buy stuff!” as if a sappy haiku on a card with butterflies will make up for the days we don’t necessarily celebrate mom.

My mother has been gone for over 21 years, but when she was around, she didn’t have any heavy

Green Diva Meg as a baby with her mother
me in my mother’s lap with GD Lisa in the background

expectations about this holiday, which is good because I was never good at nailing it with gifts and cards. She knew I loved her and respected her and in those last few years, I let her know how very grateful I was for everything.

Is it just me or have these kinds of holidays just gotten more insane over the last decade or two? What used to be an excuse to get together and celebrate mom is now this massive push to give the “perfect” gift.

As a mother myself, I nipped that in the bud when my three girls were small. I expected nothing, but some quality time to play in the garden or make something fun and have a fun meal (that maybe I didn’t have to cook).

You can honor your Mom while still honoring Mother Earth by following the Green Divas consumer motto: buy less, make more, and when you have to buy, buy green and local! So, here are a few ideas to help you celebrate Mother’s Day, whether you are a mother, have a mother, hate your mother or want to celebrate mama earth…

  1. Stop judging your mother, yourself as a mother, other mothers, your siblings, all of it. Don’t compare yourself to all the glorified images of perfect motherhood being blasted at us during this time. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t love your mother perfectly. Give yourself a break if you feel like a slacker mom. And it’s OK to not be a mom, whether you wanted kids or not!

  2. In my experience, the best most nurturing mother energy is a creative force manifesting love. If you are a mother, you are a creator. I much prefer gifts that were made for me, even if they suck. If you are going to give me something, please make it for me. Write me a handwritten note, rather than…