Flooring adds ambience to your overall interior space’s look and feel. Using eco-friendly flooring at your living space not only looks exquisite but it also radiates a fresh and natural feel. There are several different types of eco-friendly flooring options varying from cork to reclaimed wood.

Check out our pick of the seven best eco-friendly flooring solutions you can set up at your home.


Actually a grass, Bamboo shares a lot of similarities with Hardwood. Other than being easy to install and maintain, it is quite durable too. Bamboo is a natural form of vegetation which reaches maturity in 3 to 5 years, hence making it a sustainable flooring option. Light in nature, bamboo has several different hues to combine with your home décor. Thanks to its varied grain size and color options, it allows for a greater deal of customization than other flooring options.


One of the latest flooring options, cork is continuously climbing the ladder of popularity. Unlike most wooden flooring options, cork is taken from bark of some special trees. These are mostly found in the Mediterranean region. The cork is extracted from the trees with the utmost care without damaging the trees. Amazingly, it grows back over the course of 36 months making it a totally cool renewable source. That sums up for the popularity of this flooring type combined with its eco-friendliness.

While it feels and looks to be soft and delicate, cork flooring can last as long as 30 years. It ensures several health benefits too. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties, it reduces allergens, serves as fire retardant, and repels insects.