Building Green Home

While there are plenty of ways you can make your existing home more energy efficient, you can make the biggest environmental impact if you keep the earth in mind from the very beginning of the process. If you’re planning to build a home from the ground up, heed these seven tips to save energy, reduce water consumption and protect your own health:

1. Select an Architect and Builder with Green Building Experience

Many builders and architects have experience building green homes, including homes built to the LEED or Passive House standard. Selecting experienced building professionals can help streamline the process and ensure their familiarity with green home solutions to make everything easier for you.

2. Think Green During the Planning Process

It’s important to incorporate green features early in the planning process. From generous amounts of insulation to a southern orientation that takes advantage of heat from the sun, many green features must be planned from the beginning.

3. Choose a Building Site with Southern Exposure

Did you know that home heating and cooling is responsible for 50 percent of home energy use?

Unless you live in a very hot climate, it is ideal to find a building site with southern sun exposure between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. This allows the sun to heat your home during the colder months, saving energy and keeping you comfortable. It will also increase the opportunity for you to add a solar energy solution, helping you…