When you think of beaches, shining golden sands and pristine blue waters come to mind. But due to human interference, some beaches in the world have become extremely polluted, to the extent that swimming in the sea is prohibited. Toxic materials dumped into the sea, and the trash which we produce in the form of plastic containers and metal cans every time we visit the beach are some of the leading causes of pollution. Read on to find out more about 8 of the most polluted beaches in the world:

Haina beach, Dominican Republic

The Haina beach located in Dominican Republic, is a disaster, which experts equate to Chernobyl. The main pollutant is lead, in the sea and the beach, which was leaked by an American factory which was involved in the recycling of car batteries. The residents have since then been suffering from lead poisoning.

Melbourne, Australia

The Port Philip Bay beach in Melbourne, Australia is extremely adulterated. The beach became unusable because between the grains of sand, you could find syringes and broken glass. This has been happening since the last ten years, and as the beach is still not clean, you can’t swim there anytime soon.

Doheny beach, California, USA

Doheny beach is extremely polluted, with there being many signs which warn bathers and tourists not to soak in the sea. Fecal bacteria is the cause of pollution, and there is a huge concentration of it.

Chowpatty beach, Mumbai, India

This beach in Mumbai is polluted by waste from…