St. Petersburg's Jamie O'Berry, 34, has made a business of selling succulents, the latest must-have plant, in obscure and funny planters. One of her most popular sellers is succulents in plastic dinosaurs. [SARA DiNATALE | Times]
Jamie O'Berry, 34, shows off her succulent garden behind her home in St. Petersburg. She has about 3,000 plants. [SARA DiNATALE | Times]
St. Petersburg's Jamie O'Berry, 34, estimates her backyard is filled with about 3,000 succulents. She sells the plants at markets across Tampa Bay and online. [SARA DiNATALE | Times]
St. Petersburg's Jamie O'Berry, 34, sells succulents at markets across Tampa Bay. The plant has become so popular her business has become her full-time job. [SARA DiNATALE | Times]
Jamie O’Berry’s backyard garden in St. Petersburg grows succulents in all sorts of containers, including dinosaurs.

ST. PETERSBURG — Jamie O’Berry’s favorite book as a child was The Secret Garden. As an adult living in a small blue house with a big back yard, she has a secret garden of her own.

Inside reside about 3,000 succulents and cacti.

There are succulents growing inside plastic dinosaurs and unicorns. Succulents hanging from a line that stretches the length of the yard. Succulents in teacups, in wine corks. There are ones in a glass Dutch shoe, a porcelain cat, a lantern, and a tiny dolphin.

There are some filling large pots and some with months left to grow out. There’s the prickly ones, the purple ones and the ones that resemble a string of pearls. There are the ones you should keep outside and the ones you can keep on your office desk.

There are so many that O’Berry, 34, loses track of her inventory. What started as a side project in 2010 eventually became a full-time job: People love succulents, and O’Berry, along with help from her father, delivers.