CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The farmers market in Christiansburg is getting an all new kind of vendor: a winery.

Thursday marks the third year of the Christiansburg Farmers Market, and they’ve continued to grow on Hickock Street since year one.

Now they’ll have wine sales here, but that’s not the only growth they’ll be seeing in downtown.

Farmers Market Manager Sarah Belcher explained, “What we’re planning on doing is the last Thursday of every month holding, almost, a mini festival or mini event down here. We want to bring in some prepared food vendors in addition to the food truck we will have every week, we want to make sure we have live music.”

Also new in 2017 will be Whitebarrel Winery, which has been at events like Christiansburg’s Christmas at the Market or Food Truck Rally. But this will be the first time they’re regularly selling at the market.

Whitebarrel Winer Owner Richard Obiso said, “We’ve had very good success with pretty much…