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The world in these hands? US president Donald Trump with Egyptian president Abdel El Sisi and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman in Riyadh (Pic: White House/Shealah Craighead)

After arms dealing in Saudi Arabia, an audience with Pope Francis and haranguing NATO allies over defence spending, Donald Trump faces the first test of his international cooperation on climate change: the G7.

In the medieval streets of Taormina, Sicily, one of which was reportedly widened to accommodate the US president’s motorcade, a tense summit begun on Friday.

At previous meetings, the group of major developed economies has produced strong declarations on climate action. And while Trump is considering pulling out of the Paris climate deal, the other leaders still consider it a priority.

A protracted bone-crusher of a handshake between Trump and France’s newly-elected president Emmanuel Macron at the preceding NATO summit in Brussels set a combative tone. Macron’s national pride is at stake, as host of the historic Paris summit.

The Pope took a softer approach, handing Trump a copy of his 184-page encyclical on caring for the environment. Meanwhile back in the US, 22 Republican senators added their voices to the anti-Paris camp.

With Trump notoriously swayed by the last person he’s talked to, the G6 will be keen to extract some kind of commitment before he heads home. How far can they push for ambition without alienating the self-appointed champion of coal miners? Karl Mathiesen asks.

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