On June 17, herbal educators and seasoned growers from all walks of life will come together to share their unique knowledge and build upon a tapestry of age old wisdom about herbs and natural medicine, native plants, organic gardening, permaculture, traditional homesteading practices, fermentation, brewing and the power of nature to heal.

If you are a curious seeker, intrepid plant lover, herbal entrepreneur, earth lover or natural health advocate, this event is for you.

Held at the N.H. Audubon’s McLane Center, the 8th annual Herb & Garden Day will celebrate the cycles of Mother Earth by providing workshops on harvesting through the seasons. Our local presenters will discuss using native plants for medicine; how to make a medicine wheel garden; planting and using garlic; root harvest preparations; flowers used in infused oils for skin care and much more.

Between workshops, attendees…