• Silvia Salinas sorts produce Monday at the farmers market in the 2500 block of Airline in the northern Heights. Photo: Brett Coomer, Staff / © 2017 Houston Chronicle

The farmers market on Airline isn’t the kind of place where you’ll find duck eggs, artisan cheeses or an array of exotic mushrooms for aspiring home chefs.

The decades-old collection of vendors spread over some 18 acres in the northern Heights area has been a mainstay for more traditional produce, along with such Mexican staples as hibiscus flowers, nopales and hot sauces.

But a deal in the works to sell the operation could set in motion plans to expand the market, not only upgrading the existing facilities and parking but also adding more food services and attractions to engage the community, the prospective buyers said.

The local group that has an agreement to acquire the Farmers Marketing Association of Houston says the market will remain like it is for now. Down the road, “we’ll have some exciting announcements,” said Todd Mason of MLB Capital Partners.

Culinary events

Mason sees the property becoming a local tourist attraction where families from around the area would visit and spend a few hours there. He envisions there being culinary events and live…