Yosemite Firefall
Sunlight – or moonlight – causes this waterfalls to glow a fiery red or orange in rare occasions. (Photo : Blue Zither/YouTube)

Waterfalls can be spectacular but there are countless all around the world. There’s only one natural Firefall ever discovered — a glowing golden stream gushing over the side of a jagged cliff — and it’s in Yosemite National Park in California.

The waterfalls is actually Horsetail Falls that flows down the east side of the El Capitan rock formation. When the conditions are perfect, visitors can get a glimpse of the fiery spectacle when Firefall glows supernaturally orange and red during sunset.

Firefall usually occurs mid-February, when the setting sun hits the waterfall at exactly the right angle and the light reflects on the falls, making the water appear golden — almost like lava.

It’s not a sure thing though as a…