New recyclable products are rushing into the market, and shoes are now the latest entry to hit the shelves. With a strong emphasis on preserving our environment, several shoe-makers are concentrating into building shoes that can be easily disposed of. Many shoe developers are looking new techniques to craft shoes from recyclable material. Here is our pick of the best five shoes that take their ecological and carbon footprint very seriously.

Adidas Shoes Made from Biodegradable Artificial Spider Silk

Always known for its innovation, this time Adidas has successfully formulated a shoe that will dissolve right in your sink. The upper portion of the biodegradable shoe is made from Biosteel, a synthetic biopolymer fiber manufactured by a German firm called AMSilk. While staying strong and durable as other running shoes, the biodegradable pair is 15 percent lighter than its counterparts. When you’re done with these shoes, you can easily dispose them off. Simply immerse them in water, add proteinase (a digestion enzyme) and let them sit there for 36 hours. Everything except the foam sole will flow down the sink. Adidas recommends a 2-year use of the running shoes before you finally dispose them off.

Sneaker with Carbon dioxide in the Foam of Its Sole

NRG Energy is committed to reduce and reuse carbon emissions. The organization came up with a shoe, which features foam made from carbon dioxide in its sole. It is endorsed as ‘A Shoe Without Footprint.’ The company succeeded into developing 5 different types of foams made from different materials but at last, foam made of carbon dioxide was chosen. One of the most astonishing aspects of the CO2-made sole is its remarkable shock absorption ability. The company believes that it can some time later use the same process for…