Gardening at the 'people's courthouse'

Pueblo Chile can grow just about anywhere in Southeastern Colorado.

The famous crop can even grow in a box of soil in front of the historic Pueblo County Courthouse.

“Today we are planting Pueblo Chile and a couple other Pueblo crops right in front of the people’s courthouse,” said Chris Markuson, director of economic development for Pueblo County.

Markuson joined some of the area’s elected officials and Pueblo County staff Friday to plant the third annual Pueblo County Demonstration Garden.

“We recognize that agriculture is the oldest industry in our community, and it is a substantial impact upon the economy. So much so that it is the largest jobs spin-off creation mechanism within the community,” Markuson said.

“We also recognize that agriculture is under threat. It is a very hard job, and sometimes it is a thankless job.”

The main purpose of the garden is to serve the Pueblo County community as an urban-farming educational tool. The garden displays some of Pueblo County’s crops that generate millions of dollars for Pueblo’s economy.

“We’ve been working very diligently to help farmers identify ways that they can actually have a profitable crop. We want to help them work with cooperative agencies, whether it’s with the county from an economic development…