Garden challenge accepted and met. (GP)

WOW. HAS IT REALLY been seven weeks? As I look back on my journey I am somewhat in disbelief. After 30-something years of trying, I’ve managed to grow a garden! I’m eating food I’ve grown organically. Seriously, how did this happen?

I’m so proud of myself. One more thing has been crossed off of my list of things I wanted to conquer. I could not have done it alone though. I have to start by thanking my gardening coach Malaica, of Seed Burst Nurseries, for her assistance. Gardening, like everything else, is a learned skill. She patiently taught me what I needed to know and answered my million questions. Her ‘keep it simple’ approach really worked for me.

I asked her this morning, as usual over WhatsApp, to give me an honest review of my performance. This was her reply, “Automatically I would say you did well, but I will think about it.”

I burst out laughing. You have to love Malaica. I’ve grown to appreciate her honesty and extreme frankness. It’s kept me from going garden gimmick crazy, which I have a tendency to do with new projects.

“Lol. Can you think fast? I have to finish this article by 7 a.m.,” I messaged back playfully.

Her review: “You were apprehensive at first but you followed instructions which is the most important. You were obviously spurred on by early success, which is good. You stayed with me on the path to keeping it simple and did everything exactly how you were supposed to do it. You showed enthusiasm and dedication once you got past the original mental hurdle. You threw yourself into it wholeheartedly and reaped success. Just keep on applying the same principles. Keep expanding so you have an on-going supply,” she added.

I’ll take that! She summed up my journey perfectly. I was a good student. I followed instructions, consistently and it changed the game.

Here is a bit of what I have learned.

Keep it simple

If you are new to gardening it is best…