Q.) What is the best and efficient way to water the plants in the garden? I heard about inline drip system from a friend and thought maybe I can give it a try. Do you have any recommendations for vegetable garden irrigation? Do you have any ideas how to install the in-line drip? Do I need to change water pressure to install? Since the water here is too hard, is it possible the holes on pipes will be blocked? Are there any ways to solve the blocking problems?

– Yulin

A.) In-line drip irrigation is useful for garden rows and other situations where applying water every 6 to 12 inches is appropriate. The in-line drip can be installed in straight lines down garden rows, in a wavy pattern in garden rows, or in circles around shrubs and trees to efficiently apply water to the plants. Different in-line drip systems provide different emitter spacing, so be sure to select the appropriate spacing for the plants you will grow in your garden.

Your soil texture will also help determine which spacing to use. Sandy soil will allow the water to permeate the soil quickly and will not exhibit much lateral movement of water, so the wet spot will be fairly narrow. Clay soil on the other hand will only slowly accept the water and will cause the water to move laterally through capillary action to wet a larger circle. Loamy soil, or organic matter added to either sand or clay will result in an intermediate pattern of moistened soil. Soil texture will also determine how long the system…