BELLEVILLE – Cicero famously said “if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”
With our non-stop spring showers bringing us May and June flowers, Belleville Public Library has all the resources you need to help with your garden – indoors or outdoors. From the initial planning stages to the fun part of getting your hands dirty, we have you covered.
Have you purchased a new house or are you looking to beautify your existing yard? Books like Your First Garden by Judith Adam or Plants You Can’t Kill by Stacy Tornio will walk you through all the steps from choosing your garden’s location and size, preparing the soil, and purchasing the perfect plants for your yard’s conditions at your local garden centre. If you are looking to attract more birds and bees to your yard read Nancy Hajeski’s Bird’s, Bees, and Butterflies along with Lorraine Johnson’s classic The New Ontario Naturalized Garden and your garden will soon be alive with the sounds and sights of wildlife enjoying the most attractive native flowers, grasses, and shrubs.