The mobile world has developed many apps to spy and monitor others. You might have used some phone tracker app to monitor call history; SMS’s or even the online browsing activity. But do you know that there are mobile phone apps to monitor the environment that you are living in. These softwares allow you to monitor the environment and collect the details which can be used for reference and research purposes.

Here, we have some tracking applications for environment lovers:

Creek Watch

Designed by IBM research, Creek Watch allows people to monitor their local water body. They can take the picture of the waterway and report how much trash they can see in it. The app then shares the data with the water control board and lets them know about the pollution details of the water way. This iPhone compatible free app uses four types of data that you can do a review for the water body. The app will ask you to review about the flow of water, the amount of water in it, amount of trash and take a picture of the whole.

Lapka Pro

Lapka is an iPhone app that can be used to connect Lapka sensors, which can calculate radiation, electromagnetic feedback, humidity and also the nitrates in your food. This app makes it fun and easy to understand.

Marine Debris Tracker

This app can log and record the debris found on beaches and…