Lilac flowers. Wikimedia Commons / ComputerHotline

Spring’s rebirth is such an appropriate time for us to recognize and express all the ways we appreciate Mom.

What more personal way to thank her than presenting her with a Mother’s Day gift that mirrors the joys that springtime conveys? Colorful flower bouquets like roses and carnations have been long considered traditional Mother’s Day gifts, but as beautiful as they are, they last only a brief while. Making yours a longer-lasting gift, one that Mom can appreciate every Mother’s Day, is easier than you think.

What plants does Mom particularly favor, and where would she appreciate enjoying her keepsake? Perhaps a fragrant or flowering shrub that blooms each year near her kitchen entryway: lilac, viburnum, hydrangea, azalea, or rose bush. Or a flowering or fruiting tree that continues to grow and prosper, readily viewed out her window. Dogwood, apple, or pear or even a larger tree like oak or maple might be just what Mom has in mind.

Regrettably, as we grow older, our Mom may no longer be with us. Choosing a distinctive planting for remembering her enables us to signify how important she was to us. Can you recall a special flower or plant she particularly enjoyed? If your…