,Your summer garden allows you to have fresh vegetables and herbs. For those who love to potter about the garden, summer is a good time to plan your own garden. You might have to assess your garden for any damage caused during the winter months. A little preparation will go a long way to have a garden bursting with vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and other favourite vegetables. You can sit in your summer garden and soak in the sun, enjoy barbecues and other outdoor activities. Read on for some great tips and tricks to keep your garden amazing this summer:

Clean the patio

Sweep away debris and leaves and stop weeds from spreading throughout your garden. Your patio receives low light during winter, which causes algae and moss to gather; this needs cleaning or else it can become a slippery surface. You can clean with sprays meant especially for this, or scrub the area with a stiff brush. You should repair the missing mortar between slabs too.

Clean your garden furniture

Clean thoroughly your garden furniture – all the resin, metal and rattan tables and chairs with soapy water (warm). They will look clean and fresh and inviting, allowing you to spend a few hours in the sun. Softwood furniture should be treated annually with paint or wood stain which has a preservative, to extend the life of the furniture. Eucalyptus and teak furniture, which are hardwood furniture, are weather resistant naturally. You can treat them with teak oil when your furniture is dry completely, so this should be done at a later time.

Fix fences and trellises

Fix all the wobbly trellises which can support any climbers or creepers. Your fences might be pulled over with overgrown summer jasmine…