While the White House wrangles over the Paris deal, diplomats gather for climate talks in Bonn where the US presence will be much reduced

UN talks resume in Bonn on Monday, with the shadow of a US withdrawal from the Paris accord looming in the background (Photo: Matthias Zepper)

The US delegation at this week’s UN climate talks in Bonn will be “much smaller” than in years previous, according to the state department.

With president Donald Trump reportedly set to announce a final decision on the whether the US will withdraw from the Paris climate accord – which the US helped to create in 2015 – on Tuesday, the state department’s engagement with the UN process has been downgraded.

A spokesman for the department told Climate Home the US was continuing to participate in international meetings on climate change “at this time”. But he said: “Our participation should not be taken as an indication of the outcome of our ongoing review.”

Negotiators from the 195 signatories to the Paris agreement will meet this week to discuss how to construct the rule book for the accord. The Bonn meeting, a regular mid-year fixture, is generally a technical affair. But this…