Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! My mom passed away seven years ago, (right after Mother’s Day) and I miss her every day. She was such an amazing woman—even the last week of her life was just, to this day, unbelievable. I keep her “last” story in the front window of the store and never get tired of reading it. Her picture is next to my dad’s, who passed away over 30 years ago. You never stop missing your parents! That’s the way it should be, anyways.

While you are out and about this weekend, please include the Sanchez family in your thoughts and prayers. Peyton is undergoing a barrage of tests at Children’s Hospital in Denver. He is such a trooper! And, when he gets home, he (with help from little brother Landon) gets to cut 12” of my hair! The deal I made on Facebook was that the first person donating $100 to the Jaiden Rogers Fund, could cut my hair. Blue Allen paid the money and the boys get to do the deed.

I will be donating my hair to Wigs for Kids—my last hurrah before it all turns gray and becomes unacceptable. I mean, have you ever seen a kid with gray hair? I keep telling Larry that “it’s only hair” and it will grow back. He has been very supportive and even donated to both the Valley Humane League AND Jaiden Rogers last week! The fund-raiser for the Valley Humane League at Dell’s Insurance raised over $7,000. If I am not wrong that means there is over $17,000 in the building fund. WOW!!

Speaking of Jaiden—over $800 was raised last Sunday morning. To all you folks that made the trip to the East Side…THANK YOU! When you have medical bills that amount to thousands and thousands of dollars, this $800 is HUGE! You are making a difference in this family’s’ life!

I am thinking that it is time to plant, plant, plant! I worked at the Bistro Rialto front flower boxes this past Thursday evening. I…