Everything is good in my neighborhood! By that I mean, I am gardening, the grand kids are healthy and life is good. I am thankful! So thankful!

Sometimes I write that I am going to do something, and then I don’t get it done—I think that happens to all of us. Way back in December or January, I said I was going to do some begging on the corner by the Loaf N’ Jug in East Alamosa. Either the weather was bad or something else came up and I didn’t get it done so….I am positively, absolutely, definitely going to be there from 8 a.m. to at least 11 a.m. (maybe noon) on SUNDAY and do my duty for Jaiden Rogers and his family. Jaiden continues to struggle—at his last doctor’s appointment this past Monday, he actually stopped breathing! Can you imagine…your child STOPS breathing—in front of you! Thank goodness he was at Children’s Hospital when this happened.

Jaiden continues with the experimental treatment for his lung “problem” that has yet to be named. His mom, Natalie, continues to raise money, begs for money, and whatever a parent has to do for their child. All of this, while she also has to budget and plan for a trip of her own. A trip for medical treatment on her own ailment. A treatment that is only done in Ireland.

On your way to church or on your way home from church, please stop by and see me—I may look pretty ridiculous in my Elf Getup? I’m used to folks laughing at me, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings—just bring a dollar or two, and be thankful! I don’t care if you even want to throw water balloons at me, as long as you donate!

Charlie and Peyton and Landon Sanchez just got back from the monthly trip to the Houston Children’s Hospital. It was an eventful trip—tornado warnings and emergency room visits. Peyton is absolutely my hero, totally my hero! I think when I do things for others, I am only channeling Peyton’s energy. Even with trials and tribulations that are coming his way,…