Retail giant Wal-Mart is in the news daily given its size and global reach. This week Wal-Mart’s subsidiary Jet opened a pop-up store in Manhattan, the retailer was lauded for eliminating pesticides that threaten the world’s bee population and Walmart Transportation named its top carrier partners for the year.

Wal-Mart-owned just opened a pop-up grocery store in Manhattan in partnership with Story, a concept-based retailer. The temporary store will offer artisanal grocery and household items which will be combined with some e-commerce capabilities. President Liza Landsman said the retailer has no plans to explore brick and mortar, but the company saw this limited store-front deal as a way to showcase all the fresh products that Jet carries, adding this limited opportunity was “too good of a prospect to pass up.”

Landsman said Jet offers specially designed packaging for fresh items included tracking capabilities to allow for delivery efficiencies, something customers ordering online might not be aware of. She said items in the pop-up store are representative of how Jet thinks about categories. Jet sees this store as a way to educate consumers so that they can have an enjoyable online shopping experience with Jet in the…