It’s farmers market season again in Greater Lafayette, and for the first time ever the Saturday market in Lafayette has alcohol available for sale.

While the West Lafayette market has included wine vendors, Lafayette’s farmers market has never before hosted a wine, beer or liquor business.

There is only one vendor at the market selling booze, The Indiana Whiskey Co. out of South Bend.

“I was very excited about the prospect of adding this to the market because of the buzz and excitement I was sure it would bring,” Emily Colombo, office manager for Greater Lafayette Commerce, said.

The company is veteran-owned and operated, and the owner and founder, Charlie Florence, is a graduate of Purdue University.

The company prides itself on utilizing materials that come only from Indiana, whether as whiskey ingredients or in the packaging and distilling process.

“Everything comes from the state,” Shamus Hanlon, vice president of sales and marketing for the company, said. “We keep the money as close to home as possible.”

Using raw materials from Indiana allows the company to highlight two of the state’s strengths, agriculture and manufacturing, he added.

“Our still was made in South Bend. It’s a copper pot still, which was made by hand,” Hanlon said. “And the corn in Indiana is second to none. It gives a really delicious taste to both of…