garter snake

Don’t freak out. Snakes have their purpose and most of them are actually harmless.

Listen my Green Divas Heart Wildlife podcast—I talk to Green Diva Meg about how you can support healthy garden snakes. Then read on for the tips…

If your garden is overrun with slugs and mice enlist the help of snakes! Many species of garter snakes and others, like the sharp-tailed snake (found on B.C.’s Gulf Islands), are a slug’s worst nightmare.

In Canada, we have about 25 different species of snakes. But don’t worry, most are shy.

Snake-friendly gardening tips

Tip 1: Avoid pesticides

Slug bait is harmful to snakes, other wildlife, children and pets!

Tip 2: Imitate nature

Avoid monocultures of plants that are planted in straight lines.

Tip 3: Use stones

Move objects like stones and slate carefully. They may be providing cover for your snake friends.

Tip 4: Plant a hedge

Hedges provides travel corridors and hiding places for snakes and other wildlife, too.

happy snakes, happy gardens
Tip 5: Build a hibernaculum

Protect or build hibernaculum (den). Snakes love rocky hillsides or knolls that receive sun for most of the day, protected from cold winds and on well-drained sites.

Tip 6: Give me shelter!

Provide hiding places from hawks, crows, racoons and mink. Shelter can…