Who: You, your friends and family. What better way to build community than sharing a delicious, healthier

and more responsible burger with your family and friends?

What: A better burger BBQ! You can make a better burger by using better quality, grass-fed and/or organic beef raised on pasture without routine antibiotics or hormones and then replacing at least 30% of the burger patty with mushrooms, veggies or legumes. Make a better veggie burger by using local or organic veggies, legumes and grains. Download our favorite recipes here—or you can find a variety of recipes on the Better Burger Challenge resources page.

Why? What we eat has a huge impact. Overconsumption of factory-farmed meat is unhealthy for us and unsustainable for our planet. By replacing a typical burger with veggies or grass-fed or organic meat blended with veggies, you reduce carbon emissions, save water and limit pesticide and fertilizer use. Packed with fiber and Omega-3 fats, it’s also healthier for you!

Where: Your backyard, neighborhood park or wherever you choose to grill.

When: All Summer Long!!

Follow these steps for a successful Better Burger BBQ:

  1. Decide if you will serve a better beef or better veggie burger or both. Looking for inspiration? Check out our suggested recipes here. Make a few different kinds and have a taste test to see which one you and your guests like best.
  2. Source better, healthier ingredients. Shop for local grass-fed beef and organic veggies at your local farmers’ market or look for these meaningful labels at your local co-op, natural foods store or supermarket: