One of the biggest drawbacks of apartment living can be the lack of an outdoor space, especially for nature lovers. Don’t have a nice balcony or patio? That doesn’t mean you can’t let nature in, making your apartment a more natural, eco-friendly spot. With a few creative decor tips, you can create a garden sanctuary inside your own apartment.

Start by asking yourself what you love about gardens, nature and being outdoors. Chances are it has to do with feelings of freedom, adventure and connection. Or you might simply love being surrounded by lush living things, and appreciate nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. To truly bring the outdoors in, you have to connect your apartment decor with these sensations.

Bring the outdoors inside — literally — by using organic materials in your furnishings. For rugs, pillows, upholstery and curtains, choose natural fibers like linen, jute, muslin and wool. For furniture, choose wicker, rattan, bamboo and rustic wood surfaces, with the grain and natural color of the wood showing through.

Not only will these natural materials give you the look you want, but they will also contribute to the tactile feel of the space, giving you more rustic textures. Surrounding yourself with these natural materials is a subtle decor choice, but when combined throughout your apartment, they will ground your decor and help establish that garden feel. As a major bonus, many of these products are eco-friendly!

Material like wicker brings reminders of the outdoor world to your home.

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Decorate with Green and Botanical Motifs

Green is a vibrant color we associate with Mother Nature, life and abundance. It calls to mind lush vegetation and warm, sunny weather, so using it in your apartment decor is the perfect way to make your space have a natural feel. Green is a versatile color that pairs well with a variety of other colors — just look to nature for inspiration. (Nearly any shade can work — do you prefer emerald, lime or sage?) You can even incorporate leafy or floral prints as decorative accents to include a more overt nod…