Guest post by David Middleton

The featured image is a photo of a greenschist from the French Alps.

By Gabriel HM (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons /

For some reason, the following article from EcoWatch and the NRDC made me think of something that sounds like greenschist:

California continues to lead the way on clean energy, but energy efficiency and renewables are gaining major ground across the country, a new ranking of states and cities shows. Six states now get at least a fifth of their power from non-hydro renewable sources such as wind and solar—further confirmation that regardless of the Trump administration’s efforts to promote fossil-fuel interests, clean energy is making undeniable inroads.

The Golden State and Massachusetts lead the eighth annual U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index from the research firm Clean Edge for a fifth year in a row, the latter bolstered by its strong record of energy efficiency and private investment in clean tech. Vermont, Oregon and New York round out the top five.


I just couldn’t resist comparing electricity prices to the “Clean Tech Leadership Index” (CTLI) and I was not disappointed. Six of the ten States with the most expensive electricity are in the CTLI top ten.

CTLI Rank Residential ¢/kWh Rank
Hawaii 55.5 10 29.04 1
Alaska 17.6 21.58 2
Connecticut 58.7 6 20.06 3
Massachusetts 77.8 2 19.84 4
New Hampshire 44.6 18.98 5
California 92.0 1 18.87 6
Rhode Island 51.3 18.01 7
Vermont 72.2 3 17.39 8
New York 63.6 5 17.02 9
Maine 45.5 15.92 10
New Jersey 44.7 15.57 11
Michigan 50.1 15.38 12
Wisconsin 34.5 14.51 13
Maryland 46.9 14.16 14
Pennsylvania 42.2