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Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has declared his country will push for greater expansion of the solar industry but are current prices sustainable? (Flickr/ Al Jazeera)

As the ripples of Trump’s decision to leave the Paris accord flowed out this week, one of the big news items was Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s vow to go beyond its current commitments to the deal.

India’s solar revolution has been held up as a beacon of hope by those who think the south Asian giant can bring power to its vast unserviced population using clean rather than coal. Record breaking low prices have triggered gushing headlines

But our journalist Darryl D’Monte has spoken to industry owners and analysts who said the industry may be pricing itself into oblivion. With a market distorted by underpriced imports from China and an auction system that encourages surplus supply, the prices currently winning bids for solar farms are a “race to extinction”, said one.

It’s an important story about what’s behind those solar record headlines. Read it here.

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